Sakia El Hamra


Simply good milk.

Since our beginnings in 1996, we have been a key player in the dairy industry in Morocco, providing quality dairy products and contributing to the socio-economic development of the region. Our story is a successful example of the power of cooperation among farmers to achieve common goals to build customer loyalty. 

We produce in an eco-friendly environment;


The members of the cooperative collaborate to achieve common goals and make decisions collectively, for the common interest. With the pooling of resources and support for member farmers in the entire milk production process.

Environmental sustainability

Sakia El Hamra strives to minimize its environmental impact, by adopting sustainable agricultural practices and promoting responsible management of natural resources.

Social responsibility

Sakia El Hamra contributes positively to society by supporting local initiatives, creating sustainable jobs and respecting workers’ rights.

A model of success in the region

The success of our dairy products and juices is attributable to the passion of the farmers who work hand in hand to ensure the success of the cooperative. Our commitment and dedication to our craft is reflected in the exceptional quality of our products.

Our milks, butter and fermented milk Lben are the simple fruit of a traditional process to stock up on calcium, prepare adelicious breakfast or simply accompany a well-stocked table.

Our new Yubee range offers a wide choice of flavors, from stirred yogurt to fruit yogurt. 

Delicacies and well-being in one pot with these yogurts rich in calcium for adults and children. 

Raibi and Juice on-the-go, with our range of delicacies and energies composed of citrus fruits for our juices, and whole milk for our Raibi. 

This range is the ideal ally for snacks and picnics. It is also the guarantee of instant refreshment while benefiting from fruits rich in vitamins.