Sakia El Hamra

“Driven by our values, our world is made up of people,

our livestock and the land we cherish.”

Our people

Breeders Technicians Contributions to the community

Sakia El Hamra since its creation has been made up of 52 farmer members from the region who can benefit from common structures for large-scale milk production.

This is how Sakia El Hamra is a major player in economic development with the creation of more than 300 jobs in the region, by providing access to training but above all to education and essential facilities for a better life. together.

The opinion of each member counts, which makes  the Sakia El Hamra dairy cooperative is a true collective hub generating added value for the benefit of the entire community.

20 unified collaborations allowed members and cooperation to equip themselves with the latest production tools to optimize production while preserving the environment.

Sakia El Hamra is active in access to education with the financing of a primary school accessible to all people in the region, as well as the establishment of a transport system.

The cooperative regularly organizes social actions for people in difficulty and providing access to training on production units.

Dairy products

Made up of 1,600 dairy cows and 1,200 Holstein calves, production has risen in 10 years to +68% of its milk production capacity, with a volume today of 12 million tonnes of milk per year.

Optimum automated and computerised herd management has enabled the number of artificial inseminations to increase by 63% in 10 years. Ongoing training of technicians is a major advantage in ensuring the health monitoring of livestock.

Registered since 2016 in the Maroc Vert program for the valorization and diversification of sources of income and the rationalization of natural resources, we place at the heart of our production model the alliance of technology and traditional techniques specifically adapted to our region. RTM is one of the key tools in our cooperative’s success.

Our lands

Irrigated areas

Spread over an area of 1304H, our Sakia El Hamra dairy cooperative has set up an ingenious irrigation system to ensure our autonomy in the production of forage corn for livestock feed. The first 250-hectare tranche has been launched, followed by 3 further 250-hectare tranches according to a predefined schedule. Water resources are a major issue in the region, and by providing optimal water management solutions, we ensure the preservation and rationalized management of these resources.

Oudayat Tiouss

100% of the Oudayat Tiouss agricultural estate is drip irrigated.

Advanced technology for optimal irrigation in arid areas

The project is part of the program GENERATION Green launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in February 2020.

It covers a total area of 1300 hectares so 470 hectares are currently in production with a first harvest planned for the first part of the year.ée 2024 (250 fodder corn crops).

With 3 basins of 90,000 m3 each and 6 boreholes. This essential project in an arid zone, pallows us to meet the demand for fodder necessary for the production of bovine milk for our dairy agricultural cooperative Sakia El Hamra.

At the beginning of its creation and until 2016, the majority of the cooperative’s need for fodder corn was produced at the Foum El Oued perimeter located on the main bed of the Oued Sakia El Hamra. Thus 200 hectares distributed between 52 members of the cooperative were entirely planted with fodder corn.

In 2016, exceptional rainfall caused the rupture of the dam located on Oued Sakia El Hamra, and gave rise to floods which destroyed all fodder corn production and deposited sand embankments over a large part of the perimeter.

The height of the sand embankments at the Foum El Oued perimeter currently reaches 3 m in height in places.

Deprived of land for growing fodder corn, the members of the cooperative found themselves obliged to purchase their entire need for this food on the national market, whereas before they only purchased 25% of their need.

The Oudayat Touiss estate will today cover 100% of the breeding needs of all members, thus ensuring sustainability and continuity in breeding and increasing the number of heads, in the production of quality milk and the expansion of production and marketing of basic and derived products.


114 MDH as part of the Generation Green program 6 MDH financed by Sakia El Hamra cooperative

3 irrigation ponds

Farm machinery

Our Goal : 1000 Hectares of Fodder Corn

Purpose : 100% of livestock needs covered

The Total Mixed Ration

Start in 2022 over a period of 2 years, this total mixed rationalization project carried by our dairy cooperative Sakia El Hamra represents a cost of 8 million dirhams with the cooperative’s own funds.

This innovative project consists of a production unit for feed mixtures for Holstein cattle.

This unique model is to offer a balanced diet in order to allow the cooperative’s small farmers to benefit from the latest technologies existing on the market on a regular basis and at low cost.

Unique in Morocco, the RTM offers homogeneity in the production of herd feed while preserving the nutritional capital of the forage.

This method is an essential tool in preserving the growth of livestock, and above all it ensures the standardized quality of milk.

Livestock feed is exclusively produced by the Sakia El Hamra Dairy Cooperative, and then delivered to each member breeder.

The breeders of the cooperative have at their disposal and according to their wishes, well-timed and carefully prepared rations to meet the needs of their cows and thus increase their income.

50 Tons of mixed rations per day

Our partners